1Win South Africa’s Terms of Conditions

Every bookmaker’s office has its terms and conditions. And for 1Win in South Africa they are as follows:

  1. After placing a bet, the client accepts and applies these terms and conditions: he/she has to place bets within the limits of the amount he/she deposits to the account. The customer is not allowed to exceed the amount of funds available in his account. 1Win does not offer credit funds to the Customer’s account;   
  2. If the amount of a bet made by the Customer exceeds the amount of funds credited to his account, the bet will not be accepted. 1Win has the right to put a limit on bets;
  3. 1Win has the right to impose restrictions on winnings. If the Customer places a bet and the possible profit exceeds the maximum profit limit, such a bet cannot be considered valid;
  4. If the Client ambiguously places contradictory bets or acts, 1Win will divide the total sum of all bets by all possible outcomes, due to which the Client has placed bets. Such bets will be considered invalid if this procedure cannot be performed. It can be said about the decision of the Service in the presence of such a situation is final and binding on the Client. The amount of bet accepted by the Service will be the amount of bet, and also the amount of bet which is registered and confirmed by the Service;
  5. It is worth knowing about the procedure of selecting games, types of bets, cyber sports events, outcomes, and relevant odds when writing a coupon is described in the office in separate Terms and Conditions, which regulates each particular game or cyber sport event. 1Win can change its Terms and Conditions at any time;
  6. In 1Win the client has the opportunity to make a single bet, a system (combined bet), and express bets.

In addition to the above terms and conditions, there are others:

  1. A bid may be invalid for 1Win when placed incompletely or if it does not contain specific details;   
  2. 1Win can refuse and invalidate, or even cancel all bets if it is suspected that they are part of a series of similar bets, as well as by the same Client made from different accounts. As well as if there is a suspicion of collusion with a third party at the time of placing the respective bets. 1Win has the right only to the Client in the payment of winnings in case of suspicion of the aforementioned situations;
  3. The Client is allowed to place several bets on the same result, even though the Terms and Conditions above and here all bets will be treated as separate bets. If the Client places a series of bets (whether they are the same or different), they will be placed in the order specified by the Service. If the Client places more than one bet on the same match, the Service, at its discretion, has the option to refund all or some of the specified bets to that Client. The Client has no right to place bets on events when participating in them in person. 1Win may refuse to pay winnings and/or cancel bets that violate this paragraph;
  4. 1Win shall not have any influence on the outcome of a bet – the Customer should declare and guarantee this. If this paragraph is not respected – the bet is invalid;
  5. The Customer shall make sure before placing a bet that the properties of the bet are correct. A bet is accepted after online registration and confirmation of the Service. Changes or withdrawal of an accepted bet is not permitted except as permitted by these Terms and Conditions;
  6. 1Win is entitled not to accept, or to accept a part of a bet made by a customer;
  7. To impose restrictions on the size of the bet (wagering), or the coefficient of any bet of the Customer, 1Win has the right;
  8. If the Customer has placed a bet through the Service and a disagreement arises concerning the details of the Customer’s bet and 1Win’s records regarding said bet (including logs), the Service-supported, records shall prevail;
  9. At the time of placing bets on the course of the game, the Customer should take into account the fact that the live broadcasts can be delayed. The duration of the delay for Customers from different locations and other factors may differ. Disputes over the time of the bet made will be resolved by reviewing the log of the Service;
  10. 1Win may suspend or even cancel bets on a particular game/event or the betting lines (markets) of a particular game/event at such time as it sees fit without giving any reasons or informing Customers in advance.

Assortment of Betting Options 

At 1Win South Africa, users have different betting options:

  • Single bet – the user creates a bet on only one outcome. It is possible to earn money if the prediction is correct and then the bet amount will be multiplied by the odds; 
  • System (Combination bet) – a player creates a bet on a combination of several outcomes. It is possible to win in the “system” if there is a sum of winning bets, which are available in this “system”;  
  • Express bet. A bet on several events that are not related to each other. The user will win when multiplying the bet amount by the odds of all events in the given expression. It is possible to include in expresses the most different outcomes of sports events, but that they have no contact with each other. Express bet will be winning if all bets in it coincide. If at least 1 event is wrong, the Parlay will lose.

Stipulations for Accepting Wagers

Every office, including 1Win, has a Terms and Conditions for accepting bets. For the specified office this is described below:

  1. Bets are accepted according to the lists of upcoming events at odds with their outcomes specified by the company;
  2. Changes in the lines (odds on the winner, handicaps, totals, maximum bet amounts, restrictions on parlays, etc.) always take place after any bet over time, but the conditions of already-made bets will not change. Bets are accepted on the amount not exceeding the account balance;
  3. In any event, the sum of bets within one day cannot exceed the maximum bet on the event in the line (valid for the line of the same date). If there are bets and their total sum exceeds the maximum bet, these bets will not be accepted by the office; 
  4. Bets can be accepted before the event starts. Bets made after the beginning of the event are refundable and invalid. These bets are deleted from the express bets. Live bets may be an exception – these are bets during an event. Live bets are valid and they can be refunded when they are accidentally placed at the end of an event. The results of live events are informative. The wrong result will not be grounds for canceling a bet. 1Win is not responsible for the correctness of the results during live events;
  5. The date and time of the event start in the line are informative. The wrong date is not a reason for returning a bet if the bet was created before the event started. The actual time of the event start shall be used to calculate the bets. According to official documents, this time is determined (the sites where the information is taken and referenced by the office) by the organization that conducts the match, competition and so on;
  6. 1Win betting office is not responsible for incorrect spelling of team names, names of cities of events, names of players on which bets are placed;
  7. In case of the appearance of staff errors during the publication of the betting line and compiling them, or malfunction in the computer program that shows the betting line (significant errors in odds, odds on different positions do not correspond, and so on), various fraudulent actions of the employee of this office in violation of these Rules, then, in this case, the Bookmaker Company may recognize the concluded contract unilaterally (it also takes bets that were made after or before the event, if there is an error) and to refuse to bet by;
  8. Bets can not be changed or canceled after the Client has created a bet and received confirmation;
  9. Changes or cancellations of bets are not accepted in case of connection failure or other technical errors after the registration of the bet on the server;
  10. Loss of password is not a reason for changing or canceling a bet, as well as cancellation of payment request; 
  11. Only one game account is provided to the Client. Depending on the specific Client, there may be exceptions, and decisions are made by the administrator of 1Win. For such an opportunity the Client shall have to contact the administrator of the office;
  12. The Customer shall not be allowed to leave his gaming account and use it by other persons; 
  13. 1Win has the possibility:
  • Without prior notice and explanation, apply restrictions or refuse to accept bets from any Customer; 
  • To cancel all bets of the Client, to close the game account, to return the deposit in case of suspicion on the part of the Client of fraudulent actions; 
  • To close the Client’s game account at his wish without the possibility of recovery.

Based on these rules, the decision to refuse to close the game account and/or accept bets is made taking into account the Client’s betting history and the specific situation.  

Range of Outcomes Offered for Betting

The range of outcomes is also important for the users of 1Win in South Africa, about them more detailed below: 

  1. The victory of the home team in bets (denoted in the lines “1”), the victory of the guests (denoted in the lines “2”), and a draw (denoted in the lines “X”). A winning bet is a bet when the outcome is correctly predicted;
  2. It is marked “1X” when the home team wins or draws. The bet will win if there is a draw or the home team wins. No draw is marked “12” (away or home win). Marked “X2” bet at a draw or away win. The bet will win if the away team does not lose;
  3. Marked “H”, when the Client bets on matches with a handicap. The Client shall add the set handicap to the score of the selected team at the end of the match. If the prediction is correct, after adding a handicap, the bet will be winning. When adding a handicap the score will be tied, and the bet amount will be returned. In expressing the odds “1” will be considered this bet. If the other team wins after adding handicaps, the bet will be lost;
  4. Total – the total number of points, goals, pucks, etc. in the game. For the bet to win, the user should predict more ( Ov ) or less ( Un ) X number of points, goals, pucks, etc. and they should be scored during the game. The individual total (iTotal) is the number of points, goals, pucks, etc., scored during the game by the specified team or player. Requires the user to bet on less or more. In case of the exact total of points, goals, pucks, and so on, the bet will return, and the expresses will be with odds “1”; 
  5. Qualification to the next round – a bet on the team expected in the next round of competition (cup, tournament, etc.); 
  6. Participant’s results. Here the user predicts the result of the participant’s achievement in the competition (i.e. 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 finals, etc.), or the final place in the tournament, group, etc. of the participant. If the participant doesn’t participate in the competition, all the bets with his participation in the event are returned;
  7. Different values of totals and handicaps in basketball, soccer, and hockey matches are offered for betting;
  8. “Who is higher” – a game in which the team or player who will take a higher place in the competition in the final table is predicted. Additional events may also be accepted;
  9. Home – Away:
  • The visiting or home team wins the specified matches with a handicap. According to the difference in goals (points), the victory gained by guests and hosts with handicaps is defined as;
  • To predict by the number of goals (points) scored by the visitors and the home team in the specified matches less or more than the proposed number; 
  • The number of draws, and victories in the specified games of the visiting or home team. There are also other types of bets. In case several or one of the offered games are not held, not finished, or interrupted, bets “Home – Guests” will return at odds “1”.
  1. Double Asian handicap is that bet on the game with handicap where the value of handicap (F) is not multiple of 0.5, that is multiple of 0.25. For this is an example: H = +0.25, -0.25, +0.75, -0.75, etc;
  2. A double Total bet is a Total bet in which the value of the Total (T) is not a multiple of 0.5, but a multiple of 0.25. To take an example: T = 3.25; 2.75; 2.25, etc.

Specific Betting Terms

1Win South Africa’s special betting conditions can be studied by any user:

  1. If the event:
  • On the appointed date it did not take place and it was postponed for more than 36 hours, then the bets on this event have the odds 1 (exceptions can be specified in the rules of this sport);
  • If the event was interrupted and within 12 hours from the moment it was not completed, in this case, all bets on the outcomes indicated at the moment of interruption are calculated to the Client according to these results, but bets on outcomes with uncertain outcomes will be calculated with coefficient 1 (if there are no exceptions in the rules of the specified sport).
  1. When transferring a match to a neutral stadium, bets will be unchanged. If the match is transferred to the opponent’s venue, the bets will be refunded, and they will be removed from the express bet. Bets will be unchanged when the match is moved to another venue in the same city, and regardless of the playing venue, they will not be refunded;
  2. In case of annulment of result or change (doping, protest, etc.), the original result remains in the bets;
  3. In case more than one player (team) is recognized as a winner, this victory and these players’ (teams) bets are calculated with the odd 1;
  4. Betting company 1Win announces the actual results after the end of the event based on official reports and other sources of information. In the presence of controversial situations (different information on the same event) and with their obvious errors, this company shall make the final decision on the determination of the results for the calculation of bets;
  5. If there are reasons to assume the bet was made after the event and by the Client’s knowledge of the outcome of the event, or there is information on the player/team that gained a significant advantage (it may be removed, an advantage in the score, replacement of the player and other), 1Win has the opportunity to cancel these bets (or make a return), and as losing as well as winning; 
  6. 1Win uses its data for calculating bets on live events. If it happens (for example, there are no results in the sources of information, the loss of broadcasts, etc.), that it is impossible to determine the results of the events, then the calculation will be made with the odds 1 for the specified events; 
  7. The coupon is required to be filled in by the Client following the rules and it should be checked by him. If the Client makes a mistake in filling out the coupon and it does not matter who is at fault, 1Win shall consider whether the bets will be refunded and the bet will be canceled;
  8. If the Client has a negative balance (for example, overestimation of bets due to an incorrectly specified result), the gaming account will be blocked until the user deposits an amount not less than the negative balance. 1Win has the right to stop accepting bets from this user. The bets shall remain in force until the revaluation.

Claims for disputable issues are accepted in the form of an electronic statement after the registration of the result of the event within 10 days. After 10 days, complaints will not be accepted. 1Win makes the final decision in various disputable moments. 

The Authority of 1Win South Africa

1Win in South Africa has the authority and power to: 

  1. Assign the Customer a unique gaming account number, and before that register it;
  2. Allow the user to manage his gaming account;
  3. Keep the information about the Player and make it confidential when receiving data from him during registration, game results, made bets, and settlements with him;
  4. To allow to use the round-the-clock technical support;
  5. At non-fulfillment by the user of clauses or Rules of the game to suspend the provision of services; 
  6. To make changes to the terms of this Agreement, the Rules of the game unilaterally. The betting company does not send additional notifications to the Player in case of changes in the Agreement, Rules of the game. The player has to follow the changes himself.

Process for Raising Grievances 

Sometimes, some users are unhappy and have claims and complaints, and the process of their consideration by the 1Win betting shop is described below: 

  1. 1Win accepts Player complaints in writing or by e-mail. Complaints should be submitted within ten (10) calendar days after the dispute arose. The Player’s claims are considered within 30 (thirty) calendar days. To file a complaint, it is necessary to specify the number of the game account, name, full information about the complaint; 
  2. It is important to have financial documents for 1Win to consider the claim, which confirms the payment of the bet made. 

1Win South Africa’s Anti-Fraud Policy

1Win South Africa is constantly fighting against fraud: 

  1. The firm’s strict anti-fraud policy uses a variety of methods and techniques through the following events or actions:
  • Involving the user in any form, or colluding with other customers of the office;
  • Developing a strategy in any way by dishonest means;
  • The creation of more than 1 account by a user is cheating;
  • Prohibiting agreed and negotiated bets with other clients;
  • Influencing the outcome of the game through their efforts or working with a person who can influence such an outcome and using that person;
  • Other types of foul play and fraud.
  1. The Contestant has an opportunity to suspend any actions with the user’s account in case of suspected fraud and/or cancel all cash operations on the gaming account. In case of proof of fraudulent actions of the Client, 1Win has the opportunity to withhold all funds from the account on account of the fine;
  2. The Company is allowed to make efforts to inform the Customer about the reasons for all losses that have a connection with fraudulent actions of the Customer and their consequences;
  3. Contra has the right to withhold all or part of the funds in the account if fraud is suspected.

Obligations of Users and 1Win South Africa

There are obligations for users at the 1Win office:

  1. To watch and memorize the Rules of the game and the Rules of the company and receive explanations on the questions of concern; 
  2. Not to provide anyone with the password and number of their gaming account;
  3. To use all the functions 1Win after registration and verification;
  4. Not to get involved in fraudulent activities. 

1Win betting company has intellectual property and copyright protection which you are advised to study carefully:

  1. All elements of graphics, sound, design, text, pictures, music, and video, as well as their location and placement on the site of 1Win betting house, including software, source codes, and other materials, are the objects of copyright and other property rights protection, and they either belong to the office or are used by it under license;
  2. The office does not give the Client any rights to use intellectual property (e.g. trademarks, copyrights, know-how), which are owned by the office or a third party;
  3. The Player shall not store, copy, rent, lease, publish, sell, distribute, license, alter, remove, destroy, add to, or disrupt the website of the Office or any part of it, or interfere with the operation of the website.