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1Win Aviator: Embrace the Excitement of Flight

The game Aviator is something new in the world of games. Although it appeared relatively recently, many users around the world have already tried it out and loved it. 

As for the game itself, it can be attributed to the genre of Crush with a graphical display, which is based on a random number generator. It is simple and has a fairly clear design. It appeared in 2019 thanks to the famous developer “Spribe”. 

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1Win Aviator in-depth analysis: explore the elements of this addictive game

Description and peculiarities of the crash game Aviator on 1Win

The Aviator game is a crash game that has quickly become popular among online casino enthusiasts. It was founded by Spribe in 2019 and fans are increasing every year around the world. It is important to withdraw money before the airplane flies off the playing field. In South Africa, every player can use Aviator, more so the office has a Curaçao license 8048/JAZ 2018-040 for such activities. Should a player need more information about this game on 1Win, start exploring it in the table below:

Year of Launch2019
Game GenreCrash Game
ApplicationAndroid, iOS и Windows
Minimum bet2 ZAR
Maximum bet1913 ZAR
LicenseCuracao № 8048/JAZ 2018-040
Possible coefficientsFrom x1.00 to x100 and more
ThemeThe sky
Used objectPlane
Flight timeA couple of seconds to a couple of minutes
Related GamesLucky Jet, Rocket X, JetX  
Demo versionYes
FeaturesIn-game Chat, Live Statistics, Auto Bet

Pros and Cons of 1Win Aviator Game

Advantages and disadvantages of 1Win over other platforms

Every game has its pros and cons and its peculiarities, and 1Win Aviator has them as well. And for a more correct assessment now let’s consider the pros:

  • There is a chat room in the game, where it is possible to communicate and learn from experience;
  • High RTP;
  • There is an opportunity to bet on a high multiplier;
  • You can use the demo mode to learn the process of playing and betting with virtual money;
  • Fast rounds;
  • It is possible to get ZAR quickly with luck;
  • Possibility to play at any time. 

Like everywhere else, there are disadvantages too:

  • Because of the fast rounds you can lose money quickly. 

Fundamental Guidelines for Playing Aviator: Master the Principal Rules

Basic rules of Aviator game presented on 1Win

Before starting to play, the user needs to familiarize himself with the rules of the Aviator game 1win, so as not to fail and get the winnings. It should be noted that the rules themselves are not complicated. 

Before the start of the game, the user has to bet on the plane.The main point is to make time to withdraw the bet before the plane takes off. If the user succeeds, he gets a bonus for his bet multiplied by the withdrawal rate. Otherwise, the user loses.

Multipliers in the game Aviator can vary from 1 to 5072. The Aviator game 1win can be classified as a fair game. 

Many users are looking for 1win Aviator signals or game techniques. They believe that there may be some information that will help them determine the correct outcome of the event when the plane will depart.

Below are some rules for winning:

  • Play within an hour and no more. Often users can not control themselves, because the excitement awakens in them. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the head cold.
  • Make the correct bets. Any game should justify itself and not be risky. Therefore, one of the rules is to bet no more than 10% of the deposit. The norm can be considered 2-5%.
  • Control the game. It is always necessary to set time limits for oneself, they help to win. So, it is possible to stop playing when the deposit increases by 10%.

In addition, there are many life 1win Aviator hacks and strategies. In addition to strategies, there are 1win Aviator signals.

Getting Started in 1Win Aviator: Steps to Get Started

Step-by-step instructions on how to start playing Aviator on 1Win South Africa

A new user might have thought that the only thing he had to do was place a bet and return the money before the plane left. Yes, that is indeed the case. But how does he make sure he wins? Not every new player knows that. So below are all the best 1win Aviator hacks and tips on how to minimize the risks and get the winnings.

The “Martingale” strategy. This Aviator hack 1win appeared due to the game of roulette. The main importance of this strategy is to double the bet every time the bet turns out to be not winning until the user has not won his prize. Thus, the user cannot doubt that the winning bet will justify the previous bets.

To use this Aviator hack 1win, the user should keep an eye on the odds. It should always be approximately the same, but the maximum multiplier should be between 2 and 3, or the strategy will not work properly.

  • Combine bets. To do this, the user should use both manual betting and automatic cashout. By choosing this approach, the user will equalize his winnings.
  • Pay attention to the volatility of bets. What is volatility? It is the range of fluctuations that a cash fund can take, both up and down.
  • In the Aviator game, the coastline, i.e. the distance an airplane travels from takeoff to stop, is not constant. Planes typically drift around the shoreline between x1.10 and x1.50. The user should avoid crossing this shoreline, otherwise, he risks losing all his bets. To avoid this, the automatic cashout feature is very useful. This will allow the user to set the odds in the window above.

How to start playing Aviator?

Start playing Aviator with 1Win

Aviator is a thrilling game from provider Spribe, in which players create bets and withdraw them until the airplane flies off the screen. 1Win users like this slot for its simple gameplay and the opportunity to earn ZAR quickly and easily. To start creating bets, a few standard steps are required: 


Step 1

Go to the homepage of 1Win South Africa and complete a simple registration at this online casino;
Home page of the mobile version of 1win

Step 2

Make a deposit, which can be done by clicking the “Deposit” button;
Make a deposit to your account

Step 3

Test the game in demo mode, learn how to play, and choose the best strategy for yourself;
Play the demo version of the game

Step 4

Go to the main page of the office in Aviator to play for real money;
Go to the main game

Step 5

Specify the amount and create a bet;
Customize your bet

Step 6

Wait for the flight of the airplane and withdraw money in time to the moment of departure from the playing field of the airplane.
Enjoy the game

In the game, the rounds pass quickly, so you should carefully monitor the flight of the airplane and withdrawal of funds. In this game, you can earn ZAR in a couple of dozen minutes and withdraw them to your card. 

Aviator in 1Win app

Play Aviator conveniently in the 1Win app

Playing through the mobile app in South Africa will not be difficult even for a beginner. To download the 1Win app and play Aviator, you need to go to the main page of the office and select the application depending on the operating system of your device (Android, iOS, or Windows). If the application is for Android, you need to give consent in the device settings to download files from unknown sources. After that, find the apk file and install the 1Win app. Once the 1Win app is installed, an icon will appear on the desktop of your device. Next, you need to register, where you specify your data and create your account to use the services of the office. Then make a deposit and now you are ready to play. You can find this game in the casino section of the app, then easily create your bet and withdraw in time before the airplane flies outside the playing field.

1Win Aviator: Uncover Techniques for Betting Wisely and Boosting Wins

Features of deposit and withdrawal of funds for fans of the game Aviator on 1Win

Without replenishing the account, the user will not be able to play Aviator. There are two methods to replenish the account:

  • In the upper right corner click on the “Top up in 1 click” button.
  • While playing Aviator 1win, click on the “Bet” button.

After that, a window will pop up where the user will need to choose a convenient way of deposit.

On the site 1win it is possible to use bank cards such as Visa, MasterCard, in addition, there is the option of depositing to electronic purses and, of course, with the help of cryptocurrencies.

For the user to not be charged a commission, he should avoid the conversion procedure. Therefore, it is required to select the currency, which is used in the bank account of the user.

There are several ways to withdraw funds in the game Aviator 1win. And none of them cause difficulties.

  • Withdrawal to a bank card.  To do this, the user must go to his cabinet and click on “Withdrawal”. Then click on “Bank card”. After that, the user must fill in the fields with the data purse and enter the required amount for the withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal to an e-wallet. To do this, the user should go to his cabinet and click on “Withdrawal” and select the desired user service. After that, the user must fill in the fields with the wallet data and enter the required amount for the withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal via a mobile operator. To do this the user will have to enter his cabinet and click on “Withdrawal”. Then click on “Mobile payment”. Then the user needs to select a mobile operator and enter the required amount for the withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the selected withdrawal method. The user can learn more about this in Aviator 1win telegram.

Handy Tips for Aviator: Acquire Tactics and Techniques for a Winning Streak

List of hints and tips for playing Aviator on 1Win

It is impossible to use Aviator predictor 1win how the random number generator will work. But no user needs to worry. Below is a strategy that will help the user choose the right bets and minimize the risk. Aviator’s tactics are based on observing patterns and choosing the best time to bet.

  • Set a more or less optimal bet size and auto-take (ideally a coefficient of 1.10).
  • Wait until the plane takes off to the coefficient of 1.09.
  • Watch three or four more games and perform one of two steps based on the result of the last frame: If the fourth game ends with a coefficient of 1.09 or less, skip another mini-game and place a bet. If the fourth game ends with a coefficient of 1.11 or higher, make up to three consecutive bets.

To test this strategy, the user can place small bets, and when he learns, he can increase the bets.

Thus, it is not difficult to play 1win Aviator and earn good money at the same time. The main thing is to follow a clear strategy and control the excitement.

The Verdict on Aviator Game

Why 1Win users should try Aviator on 1Win

Thus, as the user could see, playing Aviator online has many positive aspects. It is very simple and straightforward to operate, and there is also a chat room where the user can chat with other users. Very often various attractive bonuses and gifts are offered,with which it is easy to make even more money.

For these reasons, it is recommended to try this game online! It is also worth remembering that there is an Aviator demo 1win version so that any user can try 1win Aviator without paying anything.


Is the Aviator game real or fake?

Of course, it’s real! You don& ;t have to worry about this, because the manufacturer of this Spribe game is registered, licensed, and regulated by the UK Commission, where the standards are quite high.

Can one engage in Aviator gameplay without making any investments?

Of course, it can be done. If you are a first time user and have not known the process of the game and are not sure that you will like it at all, you can always try yourself in the Aviator demo 1win version, where you have no deposit required.

What other games are available within 1Win’s online casino?

1win provides a huge selection of games to its users. So you can try your hand at Courier Sweeper, where the user is asked to bring the donkey to the character through mined tiles. There is also a variant of the Big Hitter game, where the user can win by playing roulette. So, there are a lot of games! Just go to the website! You can learn more about this in Aviator 1win telegram.

Why does the 1win app provide a superior experience for playing Aviator?

Because, undoubtedly, 1win is the best bookmaker and casino among others. This is evidenced by good user reviews and a million-strong audience that joined the site. In addition, with 1win, you can not worry about the security of your data, because for them it is the №1 priority.

1win Aviator App
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