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1Win South Africa review

1Win is a fairly popular yet reliable company that targets users living in South Africa. The site allows users to bet on sports and also provides casino services.


There are many casino activities on offer, such as: slot machines with different designs on popular themes and slot machines with different number of lines, real-time games, there is also everyone’s favorite roulette, poker and blackjack, and of course, there is an aviator on the site.

Bonus 500%

As for sporting events, the site abounds with different types of sports, ranging from traditional (football, basketball, horse racing and so on) to virtual sports which are automatically generated by the site software.

All games are made by leading software developers (Microgaming, NetENT), which guarantees the user the best gaming experience and reliability of the games.

All of the above is accompanied by very useful and diverse promotions, which will be dwell in detail.

Bonuses at 1Win South Africa: multiply your earnings

Generous bonuses

1Win offers additional opportunities to improve your earnings by offering a lot of promotions for casino games and betting. It is important to note that any 1Win user can take advantage of them. These promos are designed to diversify the user’s gaming experience and also give extra free spins and money.

This topic may be very helpful to you if you are about to make a deposit. This article outlines all the information regarding promotions on the site in general: how to use 1Win bonus, types of bonuses, how to use bonus sports in 1Win and many others. All these promos will be discussed in detail. Also on the site there is a 1Win no deposit bonus, which will be considered below.

There are a huge number of various bonuses present on the site, which are designed to diversify the gaming experience of the user. Each user of the site can use these benefits at any time.

Going to 1Win, you should know that a large number of promotions that exist here are not only available to new customers. A long-time users of the site, are not an exception, they can also take advantage of the whole variety of promotions. You can choose the one that suits your needs from the many bonuses available on the site.

Raise your wallet with 1Win South Africa first Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus

It is the site’s main bonus, which also works for the first four deposits to the account. It is only available once for each new user of the site and cannot be used again. The direct purpose of this promo is to help new players get started, let’s take a closer look at it.

Talking about the maximum amount that you can get for the first four deposits, it is 15.727 ZAR. The total bonus for the first four deposits is 500%, of which 200% is the bonus for the first deposit. Let’s look at it by example: if a player’s first deposit is 1.000 ZAR, he will receive an extra 2.000 ZAR (200%) and in total his total will be 3.000 ZAR. 2.000 ZAR is the promotional money that the site has credited to you, according to the 200% to the first deposit. This is money that you can dispose of as you wish without spending your own money. 

It should be noted that there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing money in South Africa. No matter which payment method was chosen by the user, the company will not charge a commission for transactions. However, you should not exclude the possibility that you may encounter a number of commissions from the selected payment method, whether it is a bank payment or an e-wallet. This depends only on the terms and conditions provided by your chosen payment method, so you should carefully read the terms and conditions of use before choosing it.

You will also be able to receive extra money for the next three deposits, but with not as high a percentage as the first deposit. It is important to clarify that the site has certain rules that you should follow in order to withdraw the promo funds.

1Win Promo Code

Promo Code

This type of promo is used on many other betting or casino sites, so 1Win is no exception. A 1Win promo code is a special combination of letters and numbers that you can enter when registering on the site and receive a certain type of bonus. It is one of the most popular promotions on the site, in principle. Also, by using the 1Win promo code for South Africa, you have the opportunity to get access to other future promotions from the company. 

You can find the promo code on all sorts of review sites, or in announcements from the company itself. The main thing is not to forget about it and use it in time, if you have one, as it can help you when playing on the site in the future.

1Win Express Bonus: extra bonus for multiply bets

Express Bonus

1Win promotions are suitable both for users who prefer casinos and for players interested in sports betting. Let’s talk about one of these promotions – 1Win Express. Express bonus is designed to help a user earn money if they place multiple bets at the same time.

Express comes in very handy when you decide to place several bets at the same time on different events, as it allows you to earn more than regular bets. When you need to bet on the outcomes of different matches, this option can be very useful. This 1Win bonus will give you a percentage of your winnings. The percentage will become higher depending on the number of bets placed by the user. The more of them, the higher the percentage. At the same time, the maximum bonus is 15%. It can be reached by betting on 11 events at the same time.

Let’s look at an example: the user’s bonus is 10% because he bet on 8 different events at the same time. If the average multiplier is x12 and the user placed 1.000 ZAR, his net profit will be 11.000. In addition, his bonus is 10%, and he will receive another 1.100 ZAR to his net profit.

This table describes how to achieve a particular bonus level:

Number of results567891011 and more
Bonus size7%8%9%10%11%12%15%

Get your lost money back along with 1Win Casino Cashback

Casino Cashback

Every casino lover can find an interesting bonus for casino 1Win can provide. At a glance, compared to the bonus to the first deposit, it does not look as interesting, but it is no less useful, as it gives the user the opportunity to get back some of the lost money. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Weekly, you will be able to get back up to 30% of the lost funds with this promotion, namely on Saturday. It is important to note that the percentage of money that can be returned depends directly on the amount of money spent by the user.

Also, to participate in this promotion, there is a minimum threshold of funds that a player must spend on bets for the past week – 21.429 ZAR. For example, if a player has spent 213.703 ZAR on bets during the week, the refund will be 5%.

As there is a minimum threshold of funds required for participation, therefore, there is a maximum cashback amount – 3.145 ZAR. Many other companies have similar requirements for such promotions. More details about this promotion can be found on the official 1Win website in a special section.

Save your own funds with 1Win Free Bets

Free Bets

Now let’s get a look at a promotion which gives the user an opportunity to get free spins in addition to his deposit. Another major promotion that is popular and directly related to the first deposit bonus. You can get up to 70 free spins of 1Win casino bonus to the first deposit bonus. The free spins can be made on a huge variety of slot machines.

In order to get 70 free spins, the first deposit must be at least 373 ZAR. Those free spins can be used in a wide variety of slots from the best providers that the company works with. However, in order to withdraw the cash earned with help of free spins, you must make a wagering of x50 which is default requirement on such type of promotions.

Extra money without deposit – 1Win No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus

Another kind of promo the company can offer to its players is the 1Win no deposit bonus. Every user can try it without charging an additional payment. For example, the loyalty program, with its help the player gets the opportunity to earn 1Win coins, which can then be exchanged for real money.

In addition, the company has bets on all sorts of popular events or poker tournaments. There is also a no deposit 1Win bonus code. You can also find information about special jackpots in various slots. This means that you can win some prizes while playing in the casino and betting as usual.

Save your bets and insure your money – Bet Insurance

Bet Insurance

Betting insurance is an important part of the company’s promotion program. Before placing a bet, check whether betting insurance is available for the event you wish to bet on. Betting insurance is a helpful feature that will allow you to get back part of your bet or even the full amount if you lose, depending on the terms and conditions of a certain event.

Reload Bonus for loyal players

Reload bonuses

The company appreciates and rewards loyal players, which is why they have developed the reload bonus – a promotion designed to reward players for their subsequent deposits. It expands the player’s gameplay and gives them extra funds with every deposit. Before usage, you need to familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions.

Show yourself: Leaderboard review


The site has a leaderboard that lists the best users of the platform. In order to reward and recognize players who hold leading positions on the site, a leaderboard has been developed. A player’s position in the table directly depends on his bonus points. Amount of points depends on amount of bets made by him on the site. Therefore, to get into the table of leaders – just make bets on the official site. 

The final results of the leaderboard are summarized:

  • Every day: at 00:00, all bets placed between 00:00 and 23:59 will be taken into account.
  • Every week: on Sunday at 00:00, the result is calculated on the basis of bets placed from 00:00 on Monday until 23:59 on Sunday.

List of the prize categories of the leaderboard participants:

  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Bronze.
  • Ruby.
  • Sapphire.
  • Diamond.

Important award clarifications to keep in mind if you are going to participate in the leaderboard:

  1. Bonus points are not awarded for:
  • Bets marked as returned or sold;
  • Bets with odds lower than 1.6 or higher than 10.
  1. When a player wins a prize in a daily or weekly tournament, a more valuable prize will be awarded for the higher place.

1Win South Africa Bonuses: how to get and activate

Instructions for getting the bonus

After a user completes registration, one of the most important things he has to do is to get a 1Win sign up bonus. Since promotions have a high utility for new players, helping them at the very beginning. Go through the following steps to get the promotion:


Account creation

First of all, the user needs to create an account on the official web page of the casino;

Open website

Visit the website through mobile device or via computer;

Press register

It will require to open the main page of the site and click the registration button;

Provide info

Then it’s needed to provide all the necessary information requested in registration form, such as name, birthdate, phone number, country and other information in accordance with the form;

Use promo

Don’t forget to press “add promo code” button and enter your promo;

Finish the registration

After all the requested data provided, click the register button and process will be finished;

Make a deposit

Now, when the user is logged in, it’s necessary to do first deposit;

Choose a deposit method

Specify your preferred deposit method. It’s an important step because here you need to think in advance because of deposit and withdrawal limits;

Wait for money

Enter the amount and click the deposit button. Depending on the deposit method you have chosen, your waiting time for the funds on your account balance may vary;

Promo tab

Go to the main page of the site and choose the section with promotions. Here you can see a really big amount of available promos. Click on your favorite promotion from a number of available ones;

Terms and conditions

Before confirming your choice, read the terms and conditions of promotion usage. Click the bonus button to receive the promotion.

By completing these steps, you can quickly and easily get a promo from 1Win. To not miss new promos, users are advised to keep checking the section, as their range of promotions is constantly being updated.

Easy steps for proper use 1Win South Africa Bonuses

Instructions for applying bonuses

When talking about 1Win promotions, it is important to tell you how to activate them in the proper way, as not all users may understand how to do this. There are still a few things about the process that are worth emphasizing on. Therefore, here are the instructions on how to properly use bonuses on 1Win.


Step 1

Create an account on the company’s official site. And don’t forget about the 1Win promo code during account creation;

Step 2

When the account is created, you need to find the right promotion and use it. Like all promotions, it is located in a specific section. There are many promotional bonuses with many different terms and conditions that you should read before using it;

Step 3

Activate the promotion you need. In order to do that, the first thing you need to do is to top up your account balance;

Step 4

Once your balance is topped up, your funds will be credited to your balance along with the bonus funds.

Step 5

You will have to use these funds in the casino and bets, so you can fulfill the wagering requirements. The condition for which can be found in the promotion details. There will be indicated how many times you need to use the bonus funds;

Step 6

When all requirements are done, bonus funds can be withdrawn in any convenient way for the player.

If you want to safely withdraw money, you need to go through the following steps:


Log in to your account;


At the top of the main page, press the “Account” button;


Press the “Withdrawal of funds” button and provide all the necessary data;


Choose a withdrawal method from a huge variety of available methods, for example: banking methods such as Visa and Mastercard or you can choose a convenient e-wallet and even cell phone method;


When all necessary information is provided, confirm the withdrawal by clicking the “Withdrawal” button.


Wait until your request will be processed.

Depending on the payment method you have chosen and the country you are currently living in, the withdrawal time can take up to 12 hours. Most of the requests for money withdrawal are processed in less than an hour.

Now you have considered one of the most popular ways of 1Win bonus use and money withdrawal. However, don’t forget about those promotions that do not require a deposit, as well as promo codes that can be activated while registration. Similarly, some bonuses such as Cashback can be applied automatically.


How can I find a promo code?

The 1Win bonus codes can be found on various review sites. You can also follow the company’s social media, where promo codes can also be found.

What can I do if the welcome bonus is not credited?

To solve this problem, you should contact the support team. But, before you contact the support, please make sure that all your actions were performed correctly.

How to activate bonuses on 1Win South Africa?

You can activate any bonus you may want in a specific bonus section. You& ;d be better to top up your balance before using any of them. Without deposit, not all promos may work.

If I register through the app will I get the bonus?

Of course, a 1 Win sign-up bonus can be used while signing up via the mobile app which is available both for android and IOS. In addition to that, don& ;t forget to use the other sign-up promotions as well.

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