1Win Tennis Betting in South Africa        

The sport is popular all over the world and also in South Africa. Anyone who has registered can bet on tennis at 1Win. It is possible to bet on set, match, total, and other bets. At 1Win South Africa, users can get an express bonus, use the tennis betting app for iOS and Android, and communicate with the support team anytime.     

1win Betting Tennis

Tennis Tournaments and Events on the 1Win Site

1win site Tennis Tournaments and Events

Tennis is one of the most prestigious sports that attracts millions of fans. So if South Africa users want to win, it is better to do 1Win tennis betting. There are various important events in the sport, for example, the Grand Slam tournaments are the most prestigious in the world of tennis (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open). These tournaments are held annually and also attract top tennis players. 

The next important level of tournaments after the Grand Slam are called ATP and WTA. Within these tournaments, players fight for ranking points and high prize money. There is also the Davis Cup and Fed Cup, which are team tournaments where players represent their countries. Therefore, there is a lot of choice of different tournaments and every user will be able to bet on tennis in South Africa and hope to win.  

How to Place a Tennis Bet on 1Win  

Instructions for betting on tennis at 1Win

Tennis tournaments offer many opportunities for players as well as fans of this beautiful sport. Many South African users also want to do tennis sports betting and 1Win provides this opportunity. Follow the algorithm and you can make money in this sport: 



Go to the official 1Win website in South Africa and register. On other days you will need to log in to your account;

Deposit funds

Deposit in a convenient way, which in the future will allow betting;

Choose your bet

Before you start your tennis prediction, decide whether you want to bet in real-time, or before the game starts;

Specify the tournament and game

Select your favorite tennis tournament, then select the game, the market, and also the odds. Then you can do tennis betting;

Place your bet

It remains to specify the amount for the outcome of the selected match, and when the final choice is made, then click on the button to create a bet.

Advantages of Tennis Betting on 1Win

Advantages of betting on tennis at 1Win

To know about a sport like tennis, you should consider it carefully. To learn about the advantages of the 1Win platform for this sport, then read below: 

  • The multitude of tournaments and the regularity in which they are organized. Tennis only has one big break for major events, and that is at the beginning of the calendar year. But even in these couple of weeks, there are a few mid-level tournaments on which the South African user can also bet; 
  • Availability of information for analysis. It is not a problem to look at the latest games of national teams or tennis players, their current ranking, as well as the history of head-to-head confrontations to make the right prediction at 1Win; 
  • A multitude of betting markets. On this platform in South Africa you can bet on the total, the first or second set, game, player wins, handicaps, and more; 
  • Live streaming. It is possible to watch a major tennis tournament live at 1Win.

1Win Bonus for Tennis Betting    

Bonuses from 1Win for tennis betting

Every South African user will be interested in getting extra bonuses. At 1Win there is a tennis betting bonus that can be obtained through express bets. An express bet is a type of bet in which there should be 2 or more events. The most important task is to make sure that each prediction on the event in the express bet is correct, then you will win (all the odds are multiplied and you get a coefficient, which is multiplied by the amount of the bet – this is the win). To do this, the user should make an express bet of 5 events and with luck, you can get an additional 7% bonus, which depends on the amount of winnings. The maximum bonus of 15% can be obtained with a successful express bet on 11 or more tennis events. 

Tennis Betting Tips from 1Win  

Tips for a better 1Win tennis betting experience

To make minimum mistakes when making predictions, it is recommended to use tips. There are tennis sports betting tips that will help you earn more at 1Win:   


Bet on the favorite when he loses a couple of games in a row;


Place live bets where you can bet at great odds and watch the game;


Use tips for betting on tennis given by experts;


Betting on unfamiliar markets is not recommended;


Don’t make big bets, as there is a big risk of losing;


Carefully study the statistics of games, so that you can make a correct prediction.


Is it possible to bet on tennis on the go?

Yes, South African users are lucky, as 1Win has an app for iOS and Android. Every registered user when deposited can at any time as well as anywhere, even while on the move bet on the sport in question. 

Can the welcome reward be used for tennis bets?

At the moment at 1Win South Africa, you can get a 500% welcome bonus for betting on casino games. But if you want to get the bonus for tennis betting, you can place an express bet of 5 events or more. 

Are there any bonuses for tennis bettors?

Yes, bookmaker, 1Win has a special express bonus that allows you to bet on this sport and earn more money. It is necessary to make an express bet from 5 events and if all predictions are correct, the user will receive 7% of the winnings.