Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy defines the terms of use of personal user data stored in the casino, by the laws of the country on privacy.  All casino users are deemed to have agreed in advance to the terms of this Privacy Policy. By law, this policy supersedes information about the processing of personal data and how it is transmitted and used.

Privacy Matters

As in any other country, privacy issues play an important role at 1win casinos in South America, and casino owners strictly enforce all relevant privacy laws and regulations.

User Data Collection

According to the 1win Privacy Policy, the company may collect information such as the user’s IP address, session information, cookies, browser, and operating system data, location information (if the user has given permission), as well as information on the website activity, including interaction with website functions and other 1win applications. This data is used to improve the website, provide users with personalized content and advertising, and ensure account security. 

1win will not disclose users’ personal information to third parties, except when required to do so by law or law enforcement authorities.

Methods of Data Gathering

1win has a variety of data collection methods including:

  • Account registration: When users sign up for an account at 1win, they are asked for information such as their name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.
  • Use of cookies: 1win uses cookies to collect information about user activity on the website, such as information about their devices, use of website features, and user activities.
  • Analytics and tracking systems: 1win uses various analytics and tracking systems such as Google Analytics to collect statistics on site traffic, player behavior, and other metrics.
  • Player feedback: 1win can solicit feedback from players, such as through surveys, to gather additional information about their experience on the site.
  • Social Media Monitoring: 1win can monitor player activity on its social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter to gather data about the popularity of its games and user activity.

1win provides electronic services in both casinos and sports betting. The protection of users’ data is a priority for the company. This is why 1win takes privacy issues seriously. 1win cooperates with various electronic service providers to ensure the quality of the site and provide customer support services.

1win deals with a variety of electronic service providers that enable the site to function in a quality manner and provide user support services. These providers can access user data, but only to the degree required to offer their products and services.

Consent for 1win’s electronic service providers to use the data means that the user authorizes the company to transmit his or her data to the service providers who work with 1win to receive high-quality services on the website. Users may withdraw their permission via contacting Customer Support.

1win is committed to high-security standards. Therefore, it asks its users to agree to a security check when registering.

Consent to security checks is an agreement to provide 1win with the necessary information to verify personal data. This includes verifying the identity of the user, verifying the residency, and verifying the source of the financial income. For this, the user must provide proof of identity, for example. It may also require confirmation of residency.

The verification process itself takes some time, but this once again proves that 1win cares about the safety of every user. After the security check, the user can play and bet on 1win safely and confidently.

Safeguarding Your Information

1win is serious about protecting the personal information of its users.  All data received from users is stored on secure servers using state-of-the-art encryption technology. In addition, the company complies with all data privacy laws and regulations.

1win also takes measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal user data. For example, our authentication and identification system prevents anyone but the user himself from accessing his account. In addition, the company applies protection measures against hacking and hacker attacks.

1win does not permit the transfer, sale, exchange, or any other actions related to users’ personal information to third parties.

Users also have the option to take measures to protect their information themselves, such as using a strong password, not saving it on their computer or mobile device, not sharing their password and username with others, etc.

Application of Collected Information

As for the overall use of the information collected, a company can use it to improve the user experience, optimize the site’s performance and attract new customers. For example, based on user behavior data (e.g., which pages users stay on longer, which events on the site attract the most attention) it is possible to develop more user-friendly interfaces, add interesting features and offers, and improve the customer experience.

Information about trends and patterns in the gaming services market can also be used to analyze the competitive environment, determine pricing, and develop marketing strategies.

Certain Excluded Disclosures

1win may disclose personal information about users if required to do so by law or if 1win believes that such action is necessary to: 

  • to comply with a lawsuit filed against the company, any of the sites or services, or in circumstances where the company has similar legal obligations; 
  • to protect rights or assets; 
  • to protect and defend the personal safety of users. The company may anonymize data and share it with appropriate organizations for addiction prevention research.

Third-Party Practices

There are third-party practices on 1win that include the following:

  1. Payment Systems. 1win uses various payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds on its website. Some of these systems may be third-party companies that provide online payment processing services.
  2. Software providers. 1win uses software developed by third-party developers to make its games and features work.
  3. Advertising and analytics services.1win may use third-party analytics and advertising services to analyze user behavior and provide relevant advertising.

It should be noted, however, that 1win will not pass on user personal data to third-party companies without their consent. 1win has also taken measures to protect user privacy by the law. If the user wants to make sure his privacy is protected, he should always check the privacy policy of the website and only perform transactions via trustworthy payment systems.

The Company is not responsible for events beyond its direct control. Due to the complexity and ever-changing nature of technology and business, the Company cannot guarantee or ensure error-free operation to ensure user privacy and is not liable for any consequential, indirect, consequential or exemplary losses arising out of the use or disclosure of such personal information.

Accessing Your Data

The Company uses data collected from users to provide its services, provide customer support, ensure security and identity verification, process online transactions, facilitate user participation in third-party promotions, fulfill certain business requirements, and for other purposes.

Protection of Minors

Minors are not permitted to use the company’s products. Therefore, during the registration process, some personal data is filled in to reveal the real age of users.

International Transfers

Personal information collected while at the company may be stored and processed in countries where 1win or their affiliates, suppliers, or agents have facilities. By the use of the company’s products, users agree to the transmission of information outside of the user’s country.

The company stores information on the user’s device called cookies. These are short files of text that are saved on the device when the user accesses certain pages and record preferences. The company also uses “flash cookies” (similar to browser cookies). The company uses them to remember information about site visits. These files cannot be used to access or use other information on users’ computers. These methods are used to track the use of the company’s services. 

Agreement with the Privacy Policy

If a user uses the company’s services it means they agree to the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is to be considered in combination with the Terms of Use and any other applicable company terms and conditions posted on the platform.

External Websites

The Company contains links to other websites and companies that do not fall under its Privacy Policy. 1win is not responsible for this.

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